Termas de Obrajes – Spa/Hot Springs

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The aguas termales in Obrajes can serve as a pleasant and worthwhile half-day trip or even an overnight excursion from Oruro. While the hot springs themselves just filter into a cement pool, making the Termas de Obrajes reminiscent of a public swimming pool (it even has a diving board), there’s a unique aspect that most hot baths don’t offer. Aside from the large pool, there are small cabañas with private hot tubs– and even hotter water. A half hour in these private baths is included in the insanely low-ticket price, so if you’re planning on a half-day there, you’ll end up spending just $1.50 (10 Bs.) on entrance and the same on transport; not bad for a get-away!

If you want to stay longer however, the hot springs are part of a hotel complex, which offers single rooms for $12.50 (85) Bs. and matrimonials for $17.50 (120 Bs.). Breakfast, as well as entrance to the pool and 30 minutes in a private bath are included in the rate. There are also high-end rooms which cost $31.50 (220 Bs.), and these include the above mentioned services, as well as a hot bath en suite. There is a small restaurant on site.

To get there, catch a minivan at Caro and 6 de Agosto. They run about every 30 minutes and cost just $0.70 (5 Bs.); the trip takes around a half hour. To return, head outside the complex and wait for one of the vans dropping visitors off.



Oruro, Bolivia

Spa/Hot Springs

Price Description: $1.50 / 10 Bs.

Relative price: Budget

Travel Skills: None

Contact Information:

Phone: 591-723-6053

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