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Adventure tours basically encompass all tours not covered by the other two categories. These tours are usually self-styled and formulated in conjunction with a local individual, small company, or hotel and often include activities like kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing, mountain biking, horseback riding, scuba diving and/or camping.

Although the infrastructure for this type of tour is still in its initial stages, you will probably witness a boom in the coming years: entrepreneurs and tourism sector employees looking to venture into unexplored niches in the informal economy and generate income that stays in the islands (as opposed to foreign tour companies) have been developing creative tour opportunities. Since most residents of the major towns know their islands inside-and-out, the extreme to this type of unofficial touring is to contract a local guide or taxi driver to take you on your own, individual tour. This is often a surprisingly informative, unique, and cost-effective option for Spanish speakers.

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Galapagos Adventure Tours with Adventure Life. Choose from an active Galapagos cruise or Land-Based multi-sport tour in Galapagos. Kayak, bike, horseback ride throughout the Galapagos Islands on your Galapagos tour. Small group tours or custom hotel based itineraries available.
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