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Guayaquil used to be a place to avoid with little to offer tourists, but Ecuador’s largest city and commercial hub now has more than enough to keep you busy for a couple of days. The 3km-long riverside Malecón is a triumph of local organization, mixing cultural and recreational attractions; the bars and art galleries of the regenerated Las Peñas district are ideal for a stroll in the evening and there are plenty of museums as well as extravagant malls to cool off. If you’re travelling along the coast or en route to the Galapagos it’s convenient to stop over here but keep things in perspective: as much as Guayaquil has improved in recent years, the oppressive heat could certainly affect your enjoyment and the city remains dangerous in places, particularly at night. Luckily, though, the main tourist areas are very safe and well-patrolled.


Other places nearby Guayaquil: Las Tunas, Salinas, Puerto Bolivar, Salango, Olón, La Ruta del Sol, Ayampe, Machala, Puerto López and Montañita.

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