Isla Parque Amazónico

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Isla Parque Amazónico, located on a small island right in the middle of Tena, was established in 1996 as part of a local an effort to conserve the natural splendor of the Amazon’s plants and animals. Since the park was established, over 135 species of trees, plants and flowers have been identified on the island. The plant life is intermixed with gardens and waterfalls, and there is access to the river. Although some areas of the park seem a little neglected, it’s a worthwhile visit, and the park is big enough to make you forget that you’re in Tena. There are many kinds of birds, butterflies, insects, and other animals; some, such as the boa constrictors and turtles are caged, while others, including monkeys and tapirs, are free to roam. Currently, the footpath is being reconstructed and access to the island is by a 30-second boat ride across the river. The entrance is somewhat hidden by construction work, but it is there: walk west of the footbridge and look for a stone flight of steps leading down to the river.



Between the Tena and Pano Rivers (just west of the footbridge)

Tena, Ecuador

City Park Types:

Natural Park, garden

Price Description:

ADMISSION: $2 foreigners, $1 nationals

Relative price: Budget

Open Hours from: daily 8 a.m.

Open Hours to: daily 5 p.m.

Travel Skills: None

Currencies accepted

US dollar



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