Quilotoa Loop

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The region that has come to be known as the Quilotoa Loop boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in Ecuador and is perfect for travelers seeking a taste of indigenous farm life and spectacular mountain landscapes that are a bit off the usual path.

Starting in Latacunga, the Quilotoa Loop winds for 200 kilometers (124 mi) of mostly unpaved road through patchwork hills and along riverbeds, connecting tiny mountain villages, before circling back to Latacunga. Though riding the entire loop in one fell swoop would take about eight hours by bus, the real thrill of the expedition is in hiking and bumping along the dusty road from village to village, staying the night and hanging out with both the locals and fellow travelers.

Many choose to travel the loop in a circle, walking, busing, or riding horses from village to village in either direction, staying in a different place each night. Another option is to base yourself in either Chugchilán, Isinliví or Tigua, which all have delightful accommodation options.

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