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Aside from bus transfers and a small Sunday market, there’s not much to see in the small dusty town of Sigchos. People are friendly and there is very basic accommodation if you find yourself staying for a night. Alternatively, with Isinliví and Chugchilán’s fantastic lodging options both less than 25 kilometers away, it’s hard not to simply pass through Sigchos en route.

A church, school and a few houses dot the road from Latacunga for about 3 km before opening into the main town. A drab, concrete plaza marks the center of town, which is also where buses arrive and depart. Businesses are mostly industrial, vending home goods, building supplies, mechanic, and legal services, and the like to surrounding villages. Small, colorful buildings face lush, green hills that mark the region and can provide for more miles of gorgeous hiking, luring travelers away from the otherwise lackluster town.


Other places nearby Sigchos: Tigua, Chugchilán, Saquisilí, Pujili, Quilotoa, Isinliví and Zumbahua.

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