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Cinquera is a small and picturesque rural community located in the Salvadorian Department of Cabañas, 47 miles or 78 kilometers northeast of the bustling capital city of San Salvador.


Upon your arrival to Cinquera you will find the local people to be very friendly and respectful, the visitor will encounter no beggars nor vendors hawking tourist souvenirs.


The Municipality of Cinquera, itself nestled in a valley, is surrounded by 14 hills that are part of a protected natural preserve, known as “The Mountain of Cinquera.” The ecological biosphere of the basin, in which lies the town of Cinquera, and the entrance to the forest preserve, is classified as a ‘tropical rain forest’. It lies in a hot and humid climatic zone, some 350 meters above sea level, where the average temperature year-round is 28 degrees centigrade. Don’t fret, trails through the park ascend to the summit of the mountain, some 1,750 meters above sea level, where the air temperature is far more pleasant, becoming downright cool and pleasant the higher one ascends toward the summit.


The Cultural Heritage of Cinquera has a strong link with the living historical memory of many residents who were involved in the armed conflict that lasted some 22 years in El Salvador from 1970 until the Peace Accords of 16 January 1992 were signed, ending the armed conflict. All the inhabitants in Cinquera at that time were part of the social bases of the guerrillas of the Popular Liberation Forces (FPL), one of the most important forces that formed part of the Front “Farabundo Martí National Liberation (FMLN).


During the war all the residents of Cinquera and the surroundings fled, leaving the area around it deserted. Beginning in 1992, the residents of Cinquera began to return, to rebuild and restore their village. The vision of Cinquera’s residents was to restore their town and to preserve the delicate ecology of the surrounding forested area. The natural preserve was developed with the assistance of international relief organizations to preserve and protect the delicate ecological balance, along with the historical monuments.


At present, the infrastructure includes the park, trails, uniformed guides and restored historical monuments, to support low-impact sustainable Eco-tourism benefiting the entire community while preserving the ambiance of the village with its important links to the Historical Memory of the Armed Conflict 1970-1992.


Further Information

Travel tips:

Please do contact someone first before going, very remote.

Must see/do at this place:

Tour the Rain Forest and visit the monuments.

You should avoid here:

Trekking at low altitudes midday, very hot and humid.

Other helpful information:



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