Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

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The capital and administrative center of the Galápagos, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, has the second largest population in the archipelago after Puerto Ayora.

Although the tourist infrastructure is less advanced here than in Puerto Ayora, visitors to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno are not without options. Hotels, stores, restaurants, and travel agencies line the main street, and internet cafés, telephone centers and banks are common. There is also a small post office, police station and hospital. The Galápagos campus of the San Francisco University is also in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, so university staff and students reside here.

Day trips to various onland, offshore and marine sites are available and can be arranged through travel agencies and dive centers located in town. Private vehicles (taxis) provide fairly inexpensive and reliable transportation and are often a good alternative to arranged tours when visiting highland sites. There are also infrequent public buses that run from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno to the village of El Progreso (8 km/5 mi to the east).

Some boats begin their tours here, and periodic closings of the Baltra airport for cleaning or maintenance can cause tourist activity to shift to San Cristóbal. As a result, visitor services and facilities are constantly improving in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno to provide alternatives for tourists and to meet tourist demand.



Other places nearby Puerto Baquerizo Moreno: San Cristobal, Puerto Velasco Ibarra, Puerto Villamil and Puerto Ayora.

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