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Inka Legacy Tours, based in Cusco, offers guided treks to Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, Ausangate and Lares. The company provides quality, small-group, classic and adventure excursions.

There are several different tour options. The main choice is between river tours on which you travel for several days in a row and stop to camp out or sleep with indigenous communities, and multi-day stays in jungle lodges which range in quality from rustic to hotel standard. Most Amazon tour companies are in Iquitos.

Iquitos, on the banks of a mile-wide river in the Amazon, features a floating market, various floating restaurants, some interesting architecture, and several crafts markets. It is close to some highlights in the Peruvian Amazon Basin like Lake Quistococha and a few protected nature reserves, including one of the largest protected areas in Peru, the Reserva Nacional Pacaya-Samiria. Freshwater dolphins, turtles and monkeys are just a few of the many animals that live within this reserve.

The Peruvian Amazon is also where you will find the Manu Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest and most important nature reserves in the world. Approximately the size of New Hampshire, the biosphere is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, the most spectacular of which are monkeys, jaguars, caimans, macaws, and giant otters, to name a few. It is also a birdwatcher’s paradise: some estimate that there may be more than 1,000 species of bird in the region.

Southern Jungle and Central Jungle.

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Rebecca Adventure Travel offers a captivating 4-day expedition to Machu Picchu, Peru. Led by expert guides, travelers explore Inca ruins, hidden trails, and vibrant culture, ensuring an unforgettable and immersive experience.


Rebecca Adventure Travel offers an extraordinary experience through their Galapagos small ship cruises, combining the thrill of exploration, a strong environmental commitment, and the advantage of visiting far-flung destinations in less time.


Rebecca Adventure Travel is a leading tour operator specializing in unforgettable experiences in Peru. With a deep passion for exploration and a commitment to responsible travel, they offer a diverse range of tours that showcase the country’s natural wonders, cultural heritage, and thrilling adventures.



With a focus on luxury and tailor-made trips, Latin Excursions provides a comprehensive guide to exploring the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant cities of Argentina. From the iconic sights of Buenos Aires to the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Patagonia, Latin Excursions curates unique itineraries that cater to every traveler’s desires.


Latin Excursions’ expertly crafted itineraries promise an immersive experience that showcases Chile’s vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore the enchanting wonders of Chile and create memories to last a lifetime.


Experience the awe-inspiring wonders of the Amazon with Rebecca Adventure Travel. Encounter wildlife, engage with indigenous cultures, and explore pristine rainforest ecosystems. Choose sustainable and immersive tours that leave a positive impact. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!

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