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Bolivia’s dramatic scenery and setting make touring this country a must. With the vast Salar de Uyuni, breathtaking Lake Titicaca, lush Amazon Rainforest and infamous “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, hitting the highlights means just scratching the surface in Bolivia.

Setting up a tour, either ahead of time or as you go, is a good way to see it all, or at least, all that you want to see. This could mean action-packed whitewater rafting or a four-day jeep excursion through the altiplano, an all-inclusive resort or an indigenous jungle home stay. Either way, with all the types tours Bolivia has to offer, your travel options are not limited—even if your time is.

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Explore Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, and La Paz on a Bolivia Tour with Adventure Life. Bolivia Tours range from festivals in Oruro, to exploring the Salt Desert in Uyuni, or visiting Tarabuco Market in Sucre. Expert local guide service for small group tours and custom travel planning.
A leader in Bolivia travel, Adventure Life provides authentic custom and small group tours throughout Bolivia. Explore the Jesuit Missions, Salt Desert of Uyuni, La Paz, Sucre, Lake Titicaca, Amazon and our award winning Oruro Festival Tour. Expert local guides immerse you in local culture.
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